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Eating habits of developers

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This one started out as an internal joke, but it has become quite generic :)

* Java developers always go to eat together, in pairs, hand in hand, well organized (synchronized)
* PHP devs go at random times, some of them run, some walk, some take the elevator. (loose coding style)
* DB devs choose someone, who will then go to kitchen and fetch the food for everyone (also known as proxy)
* Delphi devs get the plate, put it in the center of kitchen, then get a fork and then walk between the food containers and plate, until plate is filled (drag ‘n drop)
* C devs kill their own animals and eat them raw (low-level)
* C++ devs prepare their food from prefabricated components in microwave oven (not that low-level)
* Frontend (HTML) devs decorate their food with cucumbers, tomatoes and generally everything else in the fridge and then play around with it until the food is cold
* Python devs always take the stairs (mandatory stepping) (from Jaagup Irve)
* Perl devs bring their own food to the work and eat it alone in the corner, while everybody else is giving them weird glances (You call THAT food? eewwwww) (syntax)

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2008/06/12 at 22:05

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